Thank you for visiting our page, this web site is set up to the best we can with our knowledge we have, we are not technical minded people so if you see something incorrect please let us know by email.


All the items on the site can be personalised in so many ways that it would be impossible to show them all on here i.e. fonts, colours, sizes and designs, if you require something but cannot see it please contact us by email with your requirements no matter what they are and we will let you know if it is possible for us to do or if you have any suggestions of items that we don’t show we will always be interested. All items are handmade to order, so nothing is kept already made but we have a quick turnaround time and if we have to work through the night to get your order to you, we will. If you have been let down by other suppliers and don’t think you can get the item you want in time please contact us and we will give you an honest answer if we can fulfil your order.

Just an example of our dedication, We had a lady message us at 11pm on a Friday, so upset and saying that she forgot to order gifts for the bride and groom and the wedding was at 3pm the next day, Marie promised her that we could help, so we got out of bed and worked till 3am getting the items ready and then delivered them to her at 9.30am the next day as she was local to us. If she wasn’t local there is no way that she would have got them in time.

So no matter what your enquiry is, please contact us and we will help if we can

07726 919571

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